Sushil Kumar Shinde can Learn something From Actors

Not very long ago, when someone suggested Actor Amitabh Bachchan’s name as India’s next President; the Congress Spokesperson snapped back and said, “Time is not that bad that we have an Actor as India’s President”. Congress’s official stand here seems to be: Actors can’t be Politicians. Actors do acting and hence can’t be taken seriously.

You will ask what is wrong in being an actor. You’re not wrong in asking this question, especially in situations where acting skills become a necessity.

Unfortunately enough, just like his party, Indian Home Minster Sushil Kumar Shinde too underestimated the importance of the acting, especially for the politicians. That’s why, he saw nothing wrong in attending a Bollywood movie music launch event in Mumbai on Sunday evening, while a shocked Centre and a hapless Bihar government were grappling with the aftermath of the Patna serial blasts. On Sunday evening, Shinde was seen launching the music of Rajjo, a film starring Kangna Ranaut, at a glitzy event.

Everyone knows that a Minister making an express visit to the place of some tragic incident immediately after the incident, doesn’t reverse the damage. The minister or a politician does so, simply to show to the people that they are not alone — A very responsible and equally aggrieved person is with them in this hour of distress.

In short all the condemning statements, express visits, meeting those injured, is simply public posturing. Many a times, plain Acting. Unfortunately politicians and political parties have forgotten this simple wisdom. Post Patna Bomb blasts: Modi carried on with his Hunkaar Rally and later in the evening Home Minister rubbed shoulders with Kangana! No one actually saw the need to be with those injured or killed.