How to Swallow Tablets or Pills Easily | 2 Methods

Don’t Slap your Kid if she/she irritates you every time you administer him/her tablets or pills. the difficulty in swallowing tablets can be genuine. That’s why these two methods.

If you experience swallowing tablets or pills. Then you’re not alone. A sizable section of people under allopathic medicine (right from toddlers to senior citizens), experience different degrees of uneasiness in swallowing Pills. And the uneasiness can range from winding up gagging, choking, throwing up to blocking their throats with their pills. But according to a new study, there are ways to swallow tablets or pills with relative ease. Yes, all the uneasiness with the bitter tablets may actually be due to the wrong way of swallowing down.

According to a new study findings by General Researchers, there are two methods which can help you swallow a pill with relative ease. Don’t say the subject of study is trivial, according to some previous studies, the discomfort in swallowing pills have consequences starting from the patients reducing the dose of their medications, to skipping it altogether. And studies show that these behaviors make patients’ medical problems worse and more expensive to treat (money cost increases).

The methods are : “pop-bottle method,” for tablets and the “lean-forward technique,”for capsules straight down the throat.

The Researchers say that the above two methods apply to tablets or capsules of most popular shapes , i.e. four shapes — cylindrical,  round, oval and oblong. The methods are effective for all four sizes of tablets and pills — Small to Very Large. Both these methods enable the patient to swallow down the tablets or capsules in minimal 20 ml water (One Gulp of Water). Just for a fact, for most people it’s easy to swallow a capsule, compared to a tablet.

Pop-bottle method: This method involves putting a tablet on the tongue and closing one’s lips around the opening of a flexible plastic water bottle. Then it’s time to take a drink, “keeping contact between the bottle and your lips by pursing your lips and using a sucking motion. By swallowing both water and pill right away.

Lean-forward Method: In the lean-forward technique, you put a capsule on your tongue and take a sip of water but don’t swallow it immediately. Instead, you “bend the head FORWARD by tilting your chin slightly toward your chest.” Then, keeping the head in this downward position, you swallow capsule and water together.

It may sound counterintuitive to tilt your head forward rather than backward, but researchers say it works.

Swallow pills Happily !

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