Tackle School Bullying without Violence : New Book

High School bullying is a common theme in many US movies. The primary reason for it is that: US and many other countries in the West have recognized school bullying as a problematic area in schools. For those who are not aware of Bullying , here’s how Wikipedia defines Bullying,

Bulllying at SchoolBullying is the use of force, threat, or coercion to abuse, intimidate, or aggressively impose domination over others. The behavior is often repeated and habitual. One essential prerequisite is the perception, by the bully or by others, of an imbalance of social or physical power. Behaviors used to assert such domination can include verbal harassment or threat, physical assault or coercion, and such acts may be directed repeatedly towards particular targets.

To understand it in simple words, Bullying is unnecessary domination of one individual over other. In schools, bullying is a common occurrence , where a dominant student tries to bully a less strong classmate. Bullying in schools is a common occurrence in India as well. We may not acknowledging school bullying the way Western countries do. But nonetheless, school bullying is a problem in Indian schools too.

“Hal Knows Martial Arts” a Book to tackle school bully without violence

A new book titled “Hal Knows Martial Arts” teaches Children How to Defeat Bullies without Violence.

The author of this anti-bullying book is the mother of four, Vickie Erickson. Apart from being a mother, Erickson is also an educational aide and Sunday school director who has been training in martial arts for more than four years. Inspired to write the story by her eldest son, Erickson hopes to teach readers the benefits of martial arts and the importance of sticking by your friends.

Primarily the book tells how martial arts and any other self-defense arts teaches a child tackle school bullying , without using violence. As the author says, Martial arts are not about being violent, but about problem solving, learning to defend oneself and building confidence. The author sees the book , an insightful children’s book that teaches the benefits of martial arts and self-defense.

As the author says,

“Martial arts is not about being violent, but about problem solving, learning to defend yourself and building confidence,”

Effects of School Bullying can linger on in child’s mind long after the bullying has ended

According to NBC News, the effects of bullying or more specifically bullying at school can linger in a child’s life long after the bullying has ended. That’s why it’s important that bullying at school must be properly contained. One good way to do that is to teach the kids how to tackle bullies without using violence. This can be done by listening to kids, and helping them report school bullying in any form. Helping the kid gain confidence is instrumental in tackling bullying. And martial arts do help kid gain confidence.

About the Book

Hal Knows Martial Arts

by: Vickie Erickson


Hal Johnson is an eleven year boy who is always happy go lucky and he loves going to martial arts classes but he doesn’t tell everyone at school he’s in martial arts . After Hal promotes to a new belt he still wishes that his best friend Tony Erickson could join Martial Arts with him. Tony has been asking his parents if he can join martial arts but his parents think if Tony joins the martial arts academy he will want to be fighting or worse yet he will get hurt. Tony is a very smart kid. But as Hal discovers that his best friend Tony is having trouble with Brady, he knows he has to stick up for his best friend but how will he do that? Brady thinks he runs the whole school. Most kids at school run from Brady if they see him coming. Can Hal with the help of two more friends help out his friend Tony without getting them all in trouble at school?