amar ujala

For Sundays, Amar Ujala has started shifting its Editorial Page(s) to the four page supplement. Hence at present, Amar Ujala’s Edit page is on the opposite side of the matrimonial. You can imagine the fate of the editorial pages, in case your neighbour habitually borrows the matrimonial pages without fault every Sunday. This points to two [...]

Some of you will see this as nit-picking (in Hindi “Meen Mek nikalna”). But try sharing this News report title with someone. The person will instantly ask : EVMs Kahan Badli Gai? Today’s Amar Ujala has a news report, whose title reads “Mock Drill Me EVM Badli Gai“. In English the title means — EVMs (Electronic Voting Machines) [...]

PM Manmohan Singh has every right to be angry with the Opposition, especially the BJP. The anger is even more justified, when one looks at the Headlines in Pro-BJP Newspapers.   Yesterday, PM Manmohan Singh expressed in Rajya Sabha his disappointment with Opposition. PM Singh said that in no other democracy in the world, members [...]