Dettol sponsored ‘Swachh Banega India’ Campaign at NDTV is misguiding the viewers. How? It’s towing the BJP Government’s line to dissociate Mahatma Gandhi as a guiding light for non-violence and communal harmony in India; and instead associate the legend and the Father of the Nation with Cleanliness Drive. How it’s doing that, using Mahatma Gandhi’s favorite Hymn : [...]

Up to now , we have been told that it was Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore, who gave MK Gandhi the title of Mahatma (the Supreme Soul) in 1919. A new book titled “The Mahatma & the Doctor: The Untold Story of Dr Pranjivan Mehta, Gandhi’s Greatest Friend and Benefactor (1864-1932)” (Here is eBook Version), by [...]