PM Manmohan Singh has every right to be angry with the Opposition, especially the BJP. The anger is even more justified, when one looks at the Headlines in Pro-BJP Newspapers.   Yesterday, PM Manmohan Singh expressed in Rajya Sabha his disappointment with Opposition. PM Singh said that in no other democracy in the world, members [...]

The Union Civil Services Examination, the one which selects IAS, IPS and allied officers (Class A Posts)in the Country, is all set for a Format Change. yes, the Union Civil Services Examination (CSE) will soon see a format change. Only the the Approcal of the the Government is waited. New format for Union Civil Services [...]

Noted scientist and Academician, professor Yashpal, defines a University as:University is a “Universe of Knowledge” – A place where every academic and non-academic disciplines exist under one roof, and interacting with each other all the time.A true university thus allows learners to take courses in disciplines not related to his/her; so that the true meaning of “universe [...]