Now, NCP stands for “Naturally Close Party” for BJP… During Maharashtra elections campaign, Narendra Modi invented and used an acronym for NCP or Nationalist Congress Party. Whenever Modi called NCP, Naturally Corrupt Party, he was received with cheers and applause. He even called NCP corrupt to its very DNA. Now that BJP has made Government [...]

Without wasting any time on the proper way to address her, Indian PM Narendra Modi congratulated her by her maiden name. No “Beti” , No “Bahu” is used in the congratulatory tweet. The tweet from @narendramodi twitter account read, Congratulations to Sania Mirza for the victory in the US Open Mixed Doubles Finals. We are very proud of [...]

I opposed PM Narendra Modi’s Teacher’s Day speech on some grounds. It appears that those fears are already manifesting themselves. To be honest, PM Narendra Modi’s speech today will not have anything, most skeptical of parents, can complain about. And although, any political person surpassing the parental control is not good ; the fear is not [...]