Sachin Tendulkar’s assisted Autobiography, Playing it my Way is releasing today. The book is in news for the last couple days. The primary reason for that is Sachin Tendulkar’s criticism of the ex team India coach, Aussie cricketer Greg Chappell. I’m calling the book assisted as the autobiography is written by journalist Boria Majumdar. Those [...]

A few thoughts after Ishant Sharma’s stupendous single handed show last night…at Mohali ODI. If there are two kind of batsmen in the world, Sachin Tendulkar and the others; There are two kind of bowlers in the world, Ishant Sharma and then the others! There are some bowlers like Shane Warne, who give Cricketing equivalent [...]

Sachin Tendulkar doesn’t always Inspire Cricketing views. Sachin Tendulkar moments are actually something Different.   Warning: When a write up is titled, “My Sachin Tendulkar Moments” it should not be mistaken for a Cricket post. It is true that I have a bad habit of bringing Cricket into everything that is Cricket and even that [...]