Take Dog to a Walk, and Look 10 Years Younger !

A recent study published in a major Science journal claims that having a pet, can benefit people over 65 years of age. How? as walking with a dog in public makes the senior citizen look 10 years younger. The study says that although the change is perceptive thing; this group of people behaves and act much younger to their chronological ages as well.

Having a pet has health benefits as well. Studies in the past have revealed that having a pet keeps the heart, blood pressure and blood sugar levels normal. Patting a pet releases the stress and thus acts as a stress reliever too, says one study.

Coming back to the looking younger perception. The findings can also be seen the other way. That’s, those people who regularly take a dog for a walk are already health conscious. Hence they are bound to have a much preserved body and much smarter dressing sense than those who believe in extending their morning sleep.

But still, if you always desire having a pet , then having a pet (preferably a dog) is not bad. As it obeys, loves and cares for you unconditionally. A friend who you can speak your heart, when no one listens to you. And you can tell your heart out without fearing any criticism or judgement.

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