Targus APV018AP Car Power Inverter launched

Targus APV018AP Car Power Inverter : Fits in the Cup holder. Power Source for Smartphone, Tablets, MP3 players, among other portable devices, with fast charging USB port.

Targus has recently launched the Targus Car Power Inverter APV018AP. Targus AC Automotive 200W power inverter with fast-charging USB provides a power source for most electrical devices in RVs, cars or boats and is designed to conveniently fit into most standard cup holders. The Car Power Inverter is targeted at mobile professionals and recreational users to easily power all their portable devices on the go and without taking up too much space.
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How it Works

Targus power inverter plugs into the vehicle’s DC outlet, allowing users to connect electronic devices via the AC outlet of USB port. The power inverter can charge most travel-related electronics; two at a time, including laptop, iPad/Tablet, Smartphone, PDA’s, MP3 players and many others by a simple plug-in action.

The AC power inverter features a 230V ± 20V AC plug and a USB port (2.1A). It can deliver 200W of continuous and up to 400W of peak power to charge and power a wide variety of devices.

The Car Power Inverter has a variety of built-in safety features including an overload protector and a temperature gauge. The inverter automatically shuts down in case of a power surge without much damage to the connected devices.

The inverter is RoHS compliant, retractable and exceptionally lightweight.

On the launch, said Mr. Manish Aher, Director of Product Marketing and Country Manager, India at Targus Asia-Pacific, said

With an increase in usage of multiple portable devices such as tablets and smartphones, there is a growing need to provide users a simple and accessible way to power their devices, especially during travels – short or long. Targus Car Power Inverter APV018AP lets users connect as well as power up to two devices simultaneously while plugged into the cigarette lighter outlet of any car,”

Car power inverters are extremely useful in this digital age. With Targus car inverters, you can now charge your tablet and play nonstop music from a mp3 player all at once with the lightweight 3-in-1 cable connected to the USB and Ethernet access,”.

Targus APV018AP Car Power Inverter Price :

MRP of Rs. 3450/-, with a warranty of 1 year and available ex-stock.

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