Teaching Fundamental Duties in Schools and Creating a YES MAN!

Some days ago, I got a glimpse of a Newspaper report with title: Now Fundamental duties will be taught in schools. The very glimpse was uneasy.

Why I’ve problems with such a plan?

The Constitution of India doesn’t make Fundamental duties be legally enforced. It just tells us the Citizens, what a citizen must see as his/her duty towards the Nation. But no where in the picture it tells the State (Government) to make sure its enforcement. Thus the Constitution doesn’t make any correlation between Fundamental Rights and Fundamental Duties. In other words, if the Government or some party spokesperson tells you that: You have to fulfill your fundamental duties simply because you also have fundamental rights. In other words what you’re being told is that Fundamental rights & Duties go side by side. This is not true and the said spokesperson is simply misleading you, as there’s no such correlation here. Whether you fulfill your fundamental duties or not, you will still have legal right to your fundamental rights.

Now some people will ask — Still why should anyone have problems with Fundamental Duties being taught at school?

The problems with Fundamental duties being taught (instilled, will be a better word here) in schools, are two-fold.

First one is arises out of the obvious. If the Constitution of India doesn’t make you legally duty bound to fulfill Fundamental duties, then why you as a child told so. Instilling Fundamental duties as something which go hand in hand with your Fundamental rights means decreasing the value of Fundamental rights. Instilling (or putting in) this correlation in young minds means telling them from day one: Since you don’t fulfill your Fundamental duties, hence on what grounds you’ll demand your fundamental Rights. As stated earlier You have legal right to have fundamental rights, even if you choose not to follow or follow to some degree your fundamental duties.

Second problem arises from what type of citizens the Nation a wants to prepare. Do we want our next generation to become citizens who’re fearful of questing the Government Policies and divisions? OR … Do we want them as citizens who’re aware of their rights, and freely questioning the Government every time its policies and decisions are not in Nation’s favor or infringe of freedom of its citizens, or are curbing in any respect? . It’s important here to note that only a free mind can think out of box. This applies to your possibility of creating a curve-jumping start-up as well. People who’re taught to parade, salute and obey, are not the ones who think free.