Tell BJP to push the VVIP Helicopter Scam… Leave 2G

Tell BJP to push the VVIP Helicopter Scam… Leave 2G!

This thought came to my mind when I saw TV channels shouting VVIP Helicopter Scam all day; and BJP silent on it… chose to push the 2G.

With all justice to the citizens of India; anyone should tell BJP to raise its voice against the VVIP  Helicopter Scam … which is said to involve the Former AirForce Chief SP STyagi, the 2003 & 2004 onwards PMO (both BJP and Congress) and many rich & Powerful (who benefit from conflict of Interest OR Systemic Corruption in India).

It’s more condemn-able than the 2G scam, as in this Helicopter Deal, the common man doesn’t get any benefit. After all, the helicopters were for VVIPs.  2G, in contrast had marked benefits for the common man, who saw some of the lowest call rates in the world and great mobility.

But, not surprisingly though, BJP will never say much on the VVIP Chopper Kickbacks (of the tune of Rs 360 crore). Why ? As Like the So called Coal; BJP has much to answer on Helicopter scam as well.

Just wait and watch, how BJP makes “A mountain out of a molehill” out of 2G tapes (surfaced this weekend).