Ten Samsung Galaxy S4 First impressions

Samsung Galaxy S4 at Rs 41500 is not a big deal, if you are planning to buy an Apple iPhone 5. But if you’re in two minds, which of the two to buy? then Samsung Galaxy S4 First impressions may help.

The first impressions trickling in about Samsung Galaxy S4 can be handy.

Below are Ten Samsung Galaxy S4 First impressions:

Samsung Galaxy S4 First impressions

samsung galaxy s4

1) Pretty Lighweight: Compared to Samsung Galaxy S3, the S4 is much lighter. It feels light on hand. That apart, even though the phone has a big 5 inch display (making it a phablet), the Galaxy S4 doesn’t feel bulky. In short, most of the first impressions report that it feels more like a phone.

2) Black Mist Colour Samsung Galaxy S4 attracts fingerprints: The Samsung Galaxy S4 is currently available in two colours — Black Mist and White Frost. According to a noted tech blog, the back (of the Black coloured model) still has that pseudo matte finish on the glossy plastic surface that attracts fingerprints. The White coloured model doesn’t have the pseudo matte finish and instead sports a different dotted pattern which we found a little better. Overall, the phone looks better than the Samsung Galaxy S3, but doesn’t feel alluring when compared to the like of the iPhone 5 and HTC One. The reason is the liberal use of polycarbonate (plastic) materials. may be that’s the way, Samsung managed to cut of weight.

3) No Samsung Branding on Back cover: The Indian version doesn’t feature the Galaxy S4 branding at the back. There’s a small speaker outlet towards the bottom.

4) Narrow body and thin bezel: Overall the phone is narrower than S3. The bezel, the border around the display is thinner as well. Narrower bezel is obvious, else the phone would become a tablet.

4) Access to SIM card, microSD and Battery: The SIM card, microSD card slot, and battery are accessible when you remove the back cover.

5) Physical Home button still present: Although Android 4.2.2 (Jelly Bean) OS powered Samsung Galaxy S4 can get rid off the physical home button; but Samsung has retained it in S4. The front of the phone still features a physical Home button and two capacitive touch buttons for Menu and Back controls.

6) Sharp Display, but images not Life-like: The Samsung Galaxy S4’s display is gorgeous with the HD screen rendering sharp images and text. This is expected, as Samsung is the only company which competes or even betters those of Apple(Samsung creates displays for Apple devices). Although the colours are still a little saturated and look far from natural.

7) Smooth, problem free navigation: Navigating through phone’s menus and home screens is a smooth experience.

8) Motion control and hand gestures: The Smart Pause gesture works well while watching videos and pauses them when you’re looking away (yes, when you move your eyes away from the screen). The Air View gesture that lets you explore content on the screen without actually touching it. According to first impressions, the feature works partially. While the feature worked while hovering over a video playback timeline and preview upcoming content . It didn’t work for previewing images in the gallery.

The other Air Gesture that lets you browse content when you wave your hand over the screen also works partially (worked in landscape but not in portrait mode).

The WatchOn TV remote software did not have India under the list of supported countries but one can manually configure individual devices to use the phone as a remote control.

Many are calling these smart features as Gimmicky, which served the purpose for the salesman demoing the device to the prospective buyer.

Samsung also offers content through its Music and Video hubs.

Th phone is for geeks (it’s obvious, as only a geek will go for a 40k phone).

9) Most Feature Rich Android Today: Samsung Galaxy S4 is one of the most feature rich Android smartphones available today.

10) Battery and Power felt adequate: Unlike the previous estimates, the Samsung Galaxy seemed adequate on battery and processing Power.