Trendnet TEW-812DRU: AC1750 Dual Band Wireless Router

TRENDnet Launches TEW-812DRU, AC1750 Dual Band Wireless Router. Ultimate  Dual Band Wireless Router with Gigabit speed.

TRENDnet has launched TEW-812DRU, AC 1750 Dual Band Wireless Router. It manages two wireless networks- the 1300 Mbps Wireless AC band for the fastest wireless available and the 450 Mbps Wireless N band to connect with the common wireless devices. The TEW-812DRU easily handles the demands of multiple HD streams in a busy connected home.

Gigabit ports on the back of TEW-812DRU dual band router provides high speed wired connections. It also creates a secure isolated guest network for guest internet access. TEW-812DRU equipped with Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) wizard who connects other WPS supported wireless adapters at the touch of a bottom.

What are Dual Band Routers?

In Wi-Fi wireless networking, dual band is the ability to transmit on the 5 GHz band of 802.11a as well as the 2.4 GHz band used by 802.11b, 802.11g, and 802.11n.

Unlike ordinary Wi-Fi equipment that only supports one signal band, dual-band equipment contains two different types of wireless radios that can support connections on both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz links.

Nowadays, Dual-band Wi-Fi is offered in some wireless routers, network adapters, some cellular phones (utilizing a kind of dual band communications, separate from Wi-Fi).

As said, dual band routers contain two different types of wireless radios, to support two bands. When first introduced dual band routers supported both 802.11a and 802.11b. And were aimed at accommodating users on both types of Wi-Fi bands. Latest 802.11n Wi-Fi routers also allow simultaneous dual band communication with both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands. This gives maximum flexibility. The latest being 802.11ac. The AC1750 Dual Band Wireless Router TEW-812DRU, is TRENDnet’s first 802.11ac router. The Wi-Fi standard 802.11n is slower than the 802.11ac.

Trendnet TEW-812DRU: AC1750 Dual Band Wireless Router

TEW-812DRU Features:

  • Next generation Gigabit Wireless AC.
  • Gigabit Ethernet port maintains high performance network connections.
  • IPv6 (Internet Protocol v6) support.
  • Share USB peripheral devices over the network including; flash drives, external hard drives and printers.
  • Compatible with various cable / DSL Internet Service Providers using Dynamic / Static IP, PPPoE, L2TP, and PPTP connection.
  • Provides Firewall protection with Network Address Translation (NAT).
  • Virtual server and Application Level Gateway (ALG) services for special Internet applications.
  • Guest network support (3x per wireless band) with Internet access restriction.


What do N300, N600 or  AC1750 mean?

Throughput speed. Well, these denote the total throughput available across both bands. In the case of the TRENDnet router, the “1750? signifies a throughput of up to 1300 Mbps on the AC band, and up to 450 Mbps on the N band – add those together, and you get 1750.

Mr Atul JainCountry Manager at TRENDnet India said,

TEW-812DRU, AC 1750 dual band wireless router is one of the best in wireless networking hardware product. A unique & unbeatable feature rich product in the category of Wireless Router. The users can experience the Gigabit wireless speed via TEW-812DRU. We are moving with a pledge to deliver the best products for our customers which matches the latest technology.”


Price, warranty and availability

TEW-812DRU is priced at Rs.15,550/-. The product carries a warranty of 3 years and is available with TRENDnet national distributor Abacus Peripherals Pvt. Ltd.