The Eye Color most prone to Alcohol Addiction? Study

Researchers from the University of Vermont, USA have conducted a Study on 1,263 European-Americans and for that there’s a genetic link between eye color of a person and his/her dependence on Alcohol or alcohol addiction.

The Study published in the American Journal of Medical Genetics early this week suggests that people with blue eye color tend to be more dependent on alcohol if they happen to drink at all, compared to drinkers with other eye colors. In addition, the researchers also found that compared to other eye colors, people with blue eye colors experience more difficulty in reducing the alcohol intake or even quitting it than people with other eye colors.The reason for the link between eye color and alcohol intake is the genetic link between genes associated with alcoholism and genes responsible for eye colors.

Other Eye Colors prone to Alcohol dependency?

Green, and gray eye Colors. People with Blue eye colors have stronger energetic links than people with brown, black or other light eyes.

The study can’t be called conclusive as the researchers have included cultural factors playing role as well.


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