The Key to Success is Delegation…as Time is Scarce

Two situations where you must think of delegating some of your Work.

key to successIf you are serious, and serious enough to achieve something in life, then you would have surely given thought to the Keys to success. Yes, there’s hard work, perseverance and dedication. But there’s one more key to Success: Delegation of Work.

Delegation of Work becomes important once you gain certain success OR once you realise that all your hard work is not paying up. Both these situations may be pointing towards Delegation of Work.

You must delegate some of your work to a professional, for two reasons:

1) once you gain certain success : Your time is valuable now, and you must not do that work, which can be done by a person with much lower skills (than you). Once you achieve success, your Time worth increases. Now your time has become more scarce.This means your each hour fetches more now. Hence why do that work, which you can make someone else do for much less money.

2) once you realise that all your hard work is not paying up : Time to bring in a professional, so that you start seeing results

some other productivity thought… some other day.