The Rise And Fall (from grace) of Dating Sites

It is an accepted fact that whatever starts as a trend has its roots in a genuine purpose that aims to solve some kind of a problem or need. Whether it is the founding of a country, religion, company or in these times websites or online properties.

Started as an operation that could be accessed strictly within military circles, the internet revolutionized the way we look at the world. The same can be said about the www phenomenon. Starting from corporate entities pumping in huge amounts just to have a static website to the present times, when even the neighborhood betel leaf vendor (in Hindi “Paan Wala”) receiving orders online. No, this is not bad.

However, the rise and rise of websites that promised a cure for loneliness and boredom of melancholy that may have arose from being chronically single to being stuck in a meaningless marriage. Enter dating sites. The earliest dating sites though they had lesser features did have more genuine accounts and people would land on a blind date that would end up either in a genuine fling or a long term relationship.

However, these days with an overdose of such sites, people not only have been spoilt for choice on the seeker side, but are also being overwhelmed with potential dates and unverified profiles combined with disclaimers from such dating sites that leave them to fend for themselves if things go wrong.

In such a situation, many dating sites have either fallen totally off the road or have diversified into a totally different domain that is considered to be a safer business fraught with lesser risks and more earning potential.

Yet, there are sites that seek to cater to a specific niche or sub niche within the dating niche. Other sites have shifted focus to being marriage sites, which again have branched out into specific niche catering sites like regional matrimony, elite class matrimony, profession matching for matrimony and even senior matrimony for the widow or widower as the case maybe.

And yet, there are cases where the information displayed on the site is abused by miscreants or false information is posted and unsuspecting and desperate seekers take the bait and end up losing their valuables or even their life trying to defend their life savings.

In conclusion, it depends on the individual to tread carefully in any walk of life and gradually move on to the next stage in life or budding relationships. After all, even dating sites fill an important need of a modern society. Like everything else, how one conducts himself/herself there; and how well he/she spots the right date, decides the entire dating experience.