Thin Angelina Jolie at BAFTAs stirs Anorexia talk

How thin is too thin?

This question can be asked to increasing number of young girls.

In their bid to be fat less, they start looking gaunt. A skinny physique which in scientific words is called Anorexic.

Angelina Jolie’s gaunt figure at the 2014 BAFTA Awards in London recently, has raised much criticism across web.

Angelina, 38, who wore a skinny-cut tuxedo suit that accentuated her stick-thin legs and fat-free physique; made many fans question her health. They appeared concerned as Angelina Jolie’s gaunt body looked skinnier than ever.

Has angelina Jolie stretched the definition of “Gorgeous” too further?

While Jolie has previously admitted she’s too thin, but quickly adding that it’s her active lifestyle and hectic schedule that keeps her from being able to gain weight; many fans and onlookers are not ready to accept this reasoning after seeing Jolie at BAFTA 2014. This when Angelina insists a healthy diet and regular exercise are her top priorities.

Most of her fans seem unanimous on the fact that she is being anorexic and starving herself.

Have you ever stumbled upon a Girl (or a Boy) who appeared to you unhealthily Thin?

When you conveyed your concern to her or him, What was her/his defence?

PS: It’s important to convey anorexia to the anorexic, as people with anorexia most of the times see themselves as ‘Not Too Thin’. That’s why they fail to understand the difference between Healthy Body Weight and Unhealthy Body Weight. If you see your friend too thin or undergoing too much weight loss; don’t be afraid to point it to him/her. But do so in private and like a true friend.

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