Three Key Factors required for a successful Weight Loss

If any weight loss program claims that you can lose weight by leaving any one these three critical keys to weight loss viz. – metabolism, diet and exercise – then tell yourself that the weight loss program or plan is NOT worthy enough to be tried. By doing this you will do a great good to yourself.

Plain and simple: You cannot lose weight properly (without affecting your health adversely) without these three critical factors. As most “lure you” plans tell you that you can shed pounds without moving your leg; then tell yourself again: you can’t lose weight without exercise/adequate activity.

So just going on liquid meal replacement diets or diet pills, don’t work, unless the three critical keys, shared above are incorporated to weight loss routine too.

How these three critical key elements related to Weight loss are interrelated?

Metabolism means how fast your body converts food into energy. Slow metabolism means body takes more time converting food into energy; which leads to weight gain. Exercise speeds up the metabolism, which means body converts food into useful energy faster; and when given opportunity to spend it via exercise/activity it spends it. A Right diet is necessary, as for a person to lose weight, the mechanism is simple, if he/she burns more calories he/she receives from food, weight loss will occur. If the more food is taken than what is expended via exercise, weight gain will take place. The non-spend energy will be stored as body fat.

Mayo advisor, says that the the two keys of weight loss are diet and exercise but one cannot forget about the third key – metabolism.

Here is what it has to say regarding metabolism and how to tweak it back to shape:

The first step in any weight loss plan should be to identify your key metabolism weak-spots and fix them. Metabolism faults like constipation (40 per cent adults), non-diagnosed slow thyroid (30 per cent adults), digestive problems (40 per cent adults), high blood sugar (50 per cent adults), and hormone imbalances (60 per cent adults) will limit or stop your weight loss no matter how much dieting or exercise you do. Fixing your metabolism turns on your weight loss ‘switch’ and will make your weight loss much easier and much more successful.

Hence if you are trying to lose weight, pay heed to the Mayo adviser’s advice and improve your diet for weight loss. Understand the fact that under-eating is equally bad as over-eating. Exercise/activity is absolutely critical to weight loss; as body is programmed to spend energy via exercise/activity; and not by cutting on its daily food requirement.