Tips that can break inactivity physiology among Office workers

In one of the posts we discussed why hitting a weight loss plateau is not a bad thing; All it points to is “inactivity physiology”. Here we are listing some tips for officer workers, following them can help avoid the plateau and improve their health. The list is just meant to give an office goer an idea regarding how to tackle this inactivity, he/she can find his/her own ways to increase muscular activity throughout the day:

1) Instead of taking phone calls sitting, stand up during phone calls

2) Use the farthest bathroom

3) Take breaks every half hour and get up to walk down the hall. Walking to the farthest water dispenser can be the good idea. As you are doing this for your health, don’t indulge in gossiping during these breaks; as Office management will not like it and the next memo will cut your wings.

4) If you bring lunch, no matter how busy you are, don’t eat it at your desk; walk to the cafeteria or take in the open, if your company allows so.

5) When you get home from work, take a quick walk before going into the house. This will save you from procrastinating the walk out of post work hours laziness. You can do another thing, if your home is just a couple of minutes away; walk your way to home, instead of taking a cab. And try to take longer paths, instead of the shortest. The right way to walk is , “Taking long quick strides, as if you have to board an almost missing bus”.

6) When watching TV, get up and move during commercials, or put on some music and dance.

7) This is not for officer goers alone, try to use stairs instead of elevator; and switch TV channels manually instead of using a remote.

Whether you’re trying to lose weight or simply wish to have a good health, breaking up a sedentary day with short periods of activity might be just as important as 30 to 60 minutes of exercise. And not to say, it’s much easy too.