To Lose Weight, Love your body: Try Body Image Treatment

What is the best way to lose weight?

Exercising regularly, Eating healthy food in right quantity and taking adequate Rest. Right?

Yes, but only when you Love your Body Or love Yourself.

Yes. According to a new research — Learning to love your body is much more effective than exercising alone, to lose the extra fat. Although the study was focused on smoking and weight gain as a consequence; when it comes to losing weight, whether it came from smoking or any other reason; the primary requirement to successfully lose weight is to Love One’s Body.

For this try this body image treatment:

Body image treatment often includes mirror exercises, in which women or men look at their reflections and instead of criticizing body parts for any very visible deficiencies, they focus on the aspects of their appearance that they admire. With practice, people start approving their bodies, every bit of it, which results in a big change in their quality of lives and their general level of optimism.

Benefits of Body Image Therapy:

The benefits of body image therapy came to fore when researchers started out as an investigation into how exercise could impact smoking cessation in women ages 18 to 24.

First, researchers talked to 43 young women and learned that weight gain and body image were major concerns in quitting smoking.

The researchers then decided to add a body image component in the study.

The fact that 44 percent of participants said they would go back to smoking if they gained weight, made the researchers led by Melissa Napolitano, PhD, clinical psychologist at the Center for Obesity Research and Education at Temple University in Philadelphia, include some Body Image component in the study.

The findings:

The researchers found that ten percent more women in the body image class stuck with quitting smoking after 1 week and lost more weight than the exercise group which was not undertaking any Body Inage Therapy.

The Research Conclusion:

“Using something like body image skills training can be helpful for smoking cessation, because it provides skills and tools to help people feel better about themselves and not turn to smoking for weight control.

The study was presented recently at the Society for Behavioral Medicine’s annual meeting in Montreal.


Loving one’s Body, which in simple words means “Being comfortable with one’s body and how it looks, once and for all ” is indeed the most important and foremost component to not only successful weight loss, but in achieving success in any field. Whether you are a sales person, public speaker, office worker, call center executive, a mother, a father, or almost anyone – to fulfill any role successfully with great results, you need just one thing and that is – Love for your Body, which in other words means Love for Self.

No one is perfect in this world, as adage says, “if scrutinized, Even God has flaws”; so why find flaws in self all the time. Smart people neither disapprove themselves nor allow others to disapprove them ( What on earth optical illusions in clothing, hair wigs, high waiters, used for; just to serve these smart people).

So love yourself, love your body, and do everything required to live a healthy, happy life. In case some of your body flaws are too unique, then try using optical illusions in your dresses. Smart people do it all the time. Why can’t you become smart too.