Tongue patch for weight loss… reminds one of Chastity Belts

Now this sounds goofy: A tongue patch for weight loss… that too which reminds one of the chastity belts!

But there is a connect, when the primary aim of the tongue patch is to painfully remind you that — You must not Eat!

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Back in 2010, a tongue patch for weight loss became popular in Los Angeles, USA.

The weight loss treatment pitched as revolutionary, was all about a patch, which the weight loss aspirant had to tie on his/her tongue; and every time he/she tried to eat something, the discomfort or pain reminds the person that the goal is lose weight.

It’s kind of putting ‘finger oblivious’ hand gloves to a baby developing a habit of sucking thumb.

Or, even better example will be the Chastity belts of the 15th Century (it’s believed that the crusaders in 15th Century Europe, made their ladies to wear such belts; when they are on their crusades and the ladies are back home. And are claimed to be much painful to the wearer.

What are Chastity belts?  — a garment or device designed to prevent the woman wearing it from having sexual intercourse. It’s amazing to know what extent humans can go this issue. A simple search of Chastity belts online, throws even metallic panties with nuts, screws and bolts. The chastity belts in various forms and serving different (and similar) goals are still being sold online.

Returning to the painful or uncomfortable tongue patch weight loss treatment, if a person doesn’t eat, he/she will automatically lose weight. After it’s all in the tongue . Much similar to the question of imposed chastity.

Tongue Patch for quick weight loss

According to the PR information, the tongue patch is implemented like this.

The tongue is measured, then a patch is cut from surgical mesh and attached to your tongue. While affixed, it “causes discomfort when the patient tries to eat or chew.” The “ideal patient” can experience 15 to 30 pounds of weight loss in a month on a liquid diet, the publicists say, and then the patch is removed. (At which point….)

Not surprisingly though, the Chugay Tongue Patch, as it is called — named after its inventor, Dr. Nikolas Chugay of Long Beach California, took California by a storm. And people jumped on each other to try the revolutionary treatment (in their words). It may be assumed that most of these might have assumed it to be better than surgical weight loss (bariatric Surgery).

You have to monitor what You eat and How much you eat to lose weight

It true that humans have far surpassed their body weight limits. No wonder the weight loss is such a big market across the World. But, the bigger market doesn’t necessarily mean easy money for the weight loss product/service makers. In order to carve out a small or big pie of this market; they do need a trigger. Something which can compel the prospective buyer to make the purchase. A painful weight loss patch, is one such trigger.

In short, the real weight loss will take place by monitoring what You eat (eat healthy and balanced diet), How much you eat (controlling portions), regular exercise and burning more calories than you intake. Or if things have gone out of hand, then Medical intervention. 

But every new weight loss method or treatment needs to pitch itself as offering something revolutionary; BTW it can’t tell you the above real weight loss methods. That’s why they use triggers such as a painful tongue patch.  If a painful tongue to uncomfortable tongue makes eating difficult, then you will automatically lose weight.

Hence, if you have mental toughness; and if things have not gone that too far; then use the real methods to keep your body weight normal.

In 2010 alone, dozens of revolutionary weight loss methods came, which included : the Acai Berry Capsules and the Mandura Trim supplement, the Morning Banana diet (Japan), and  Tanya Zuckerbrot’s F-Factor diet .