Too much Fish Linked to Higher Prostate Cancer Risk

Too much Fish Linked to Higher Prostate Cancer Risk. Study: Men who take fish oil supplements or eat lots of fish might face higher prostate cancer risk


According to a new study study published online somedays ago in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute:

Men who take fish oil supplements or eat a lot of fish expecting health benefits might face a higher risk of prostate cancer, including aggressive cancer that is harder to treat.

The revelation follows a major analysis last year that found no heart benefit from Omega 3 fatty acids, which are found in Fish.

How the Study is conducted:

In the study, the researchers looked at 2,227 men, 834 of whom had prostate cancer. Out of  those who had cancer, 156 had high-grade, or more aggressive cancer.

Men with higher levels of long-chain fatty acids in their blood stream (those found in fish) had a 43 percent increased risk for prostate cancer compared with those with lower levels of the fatty acids. And this group had a 71 percent increased risk of more aggressive cancers. If said in numbre terms, of the 176 men with prostate cancer who had the lowest levels of the fatty acids, 26 were more-serious cases. Of the 245 who had the highest levels, 43 had high-grade cancer.

What the researchers recommend:

Researchers, Brasky and Alan Kristal recommend men quit taking supplements.

Notably, this is the second study in recent times to found an association between high fatty-acid levels and prostate cancer. In the latest research though, the researchers were not expecting to find the link from the very beginning.


Too much Fish Linked to Higher Prostate Cancer Risk. Prostrate Cancer linked to high intake of Fish or Fish oil supplements.
The study doesn’t say that the fish oil or fish causes prostate cancer. That apart, the study was a part of the research on the effects of selenium and vitamin E. The study did not address the relationship between the fatty acids and prognosis for those men who had cancer.

It also did not include an analysis of what the men ate or what supplements they took, only the levels of fatty acids in their blood samples. It does not draw any link between high levels of plant-based fatty acids and prostate cancer, only those typically found in fatty fish such as salmon and tuna and in fish oil supplements.


The link is more like calcium supplements many women take. It’s to make bones strong and preserve them from osteoporosis (weakening of bones). Since the doctor doesn’t give express orders not to over exploit them, many patients keep taking them. And many studies in past have linked too much calcium supplements to negative impact on health.

Hence while taking Fish supplements, always follow the doctor’s advice. And the moment he tells to stop. Pl stop.

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