Too obese Couple loses weight to have SEX again

A UK couple who were too obese to have sex for 5 years; have shed about 400 pounds between them after undergoing weight loss surgery.

This news became quite popular in UK yesterday. The news is about a UK couple — Neil and Jennie Bakwell who at one point of time weighed a massive 924 pounds together.

But realizing that, owing to their weights, they are physically unable to enjoy a sex life (the couple married for 10 years now had not made love for last five years); in addition to being hugely unhealthy, at risk of conditions like diabetes, heart disease and cancers; the couple decided to go for gastric bypass surgery.

In gastric bypass surgery, food is routed away from severely obese people’s stomachs; which results in weight loss; which is impossible otherwise for such overly obese people.

Neil, 32, is now 322 pounds and wants to slim down more. Jennie now weighs 196 pounds. Like a happy ending to a story, the couple is also able to have sex once again.

In Jennie’s own words apart from good health; she has the surgery has given her back her husband.


Weight loss surgery, normally for those who are too big for diet and exercise to be effective; is still frowned upon by most people, including those who are advised by doctors to go for it.

Normally, most people inherently want to avoid modifications in their bodies (irrespective of the size and scale of the modification); that too, when intrinsically they endorse their doctor’s view that it’s too late for them to shed weight by diet and exercise.

No wonder, majority of hugely obese people who can lead a light and healthy life through surgical intervention (on doctor’s advice), continue the status quo in the hope of losing all the excess weight through natural methods. In most of the cases that doesn’t happen.

Sandy Patty, in her book, The edge of the Divine; shares with readers similar psychology, regarding surgical weight loss. But with her faith in God and with her keen desire to live a better and rewarding life; she crossed that edge (hence the name of the book) and within one year of undergoing surgery; the singer is living a life, which is getting better with each passing day.

It’s true that even when money is not an issue, still submitting oneself to a doctor’s scalpel is a difficult task. But if a ‘doctor advised surgical intervention ‘ can help a person accomplish an impossible task and as a consequence help one lead a healthy life; then why not trust the doctor. And after all no one has stopped anyone from taking multiple consultations; and weigh the pros and cons.