Top 10 Computer Threats in India for January 2014

ESET Advice Users to Keep the systems Up-to-date with System Patches, Disable Autorun and not to use Unsecured Shared Folders. Top Threats Affecting ESET Users in India and How To secure your PC from these Computer Threats — Malwares, Bots, Key loggers etc. 

If you don’t have an antivirus or a licensed Anti-virus; then you may or you may not know how an infected computer looks and behaves like. On the visible front, one may notice hidden very technical sounding named icons and thumbnails all of a sudden in folders or desktop. On the invisible front, the computer behaves funnily all of a sudden. Another invisible effect of an infection is constant processing, even when you’re not doing anything. All this points that the PC is compromised. The threat increases many folds if the user brings content in pen drives and and other external storage to the PC; or if the PC is connected (to a LAN or Web).

A good licensed antivirus helps you secure your PC.

ESET, global provider of security solutions for businesses and consumers, monitors millions of PCs its security solutions secure, and roll our Top computer threats reports every month. EST declared top two threats INF/Autorun.gen and LNK/Agent.AK affecting ESET users in India in the month of January 2014.

INF/Autorun.gen:This file contains information on programs meant to run automatically when removable media (often USB flash drives and similar devices) are accessed by a Windows PC user. ESET security software heuristically identifies malware that installs or modifies autorun.inf files as INF/Autorun unless it is identified as a member of a specific malware family.

LNK/Agent.AK is a link that concatenates commands to run the real or legitimate application/folder and, additionally runs the threat in the background. It could become the new version of the autorun.inf threat.


Top 10 Computer Threats in India for the month of January 2014

Top 10 Computer Threats in India for the month of January 2014

How To secure your PC from the above Computer Threats

ESET also advises users to keep the system patches up to date, to disable autorun and not to use unsecured shared folders.