Top Computer Viruses in India for April 2014

ESET India Monthly Threat Report identifies LNK/Agent[DOT]AK as the Top Threat or Top Viruses in April 2014

ESET, a global provider of security solutions for businesses and consumers, alerts computer users, specifically in India, that LNK/Agent[DOT]AK has been identified as the top threat in April 2014 by ESET Virus Labs. What is interesting here is that viruses unlike the common perception have names which are not very familiar to a common user. All a user with an infected PC can notice is some hidden file or some folder icon with some alpha numeric name , showing up on its own , here and there on the PC. That’s why it’s important to have a genuine security solution against viruses and other malwares. A genuine anti-virus or internet security, if you connect to web via your PC, is one which buy and is registred security. This means a clear no to pirated AVs.

Top Computer Viruses in India for the month of April 2014

Top Computer Viruses in India April 2014 

 Source: ESET ThreatSense.Net® (April 2014)

ESET Virus Labs alerted that LNK/Agent[DOT]AK has crossed the attacks caused by INF/Autorun[DOT]gen by 0.17% in April 2014. LNK/Agent[DOT]AK  entered India in November 2013, where as it was identified globally in September 2013. It is basically a link that concatenates commands to run the real or legitimate application/folder and, additionally runs the threat in the background. It could become the new version of the autorun[DOT]inf threat.

Percentage of Virus Attacks

Secure your PC with an authentic genuine Anti-virus. If you connect to Web through the PC, then have Internet security suite as well.