Touch switch Power Bank AP-5001 launched

Power Bank AP-5001 : A Touch Switch Power Bank by Asia Powercom. Touch mode, Scratch free finish, 5000mAH capacity, Power On/Off buttons with battery capacity indicator.

Asia Powercom has recently launched its first touch switch Power Bank. The power bank AP-5001 has a 5000mAh lithium polymer battery and an advanced Touch Switch feature. This Power Bank has been designed considering the current generation and their increased interest in touch switch products.

Business men, students and commuters are relying more and more on mobile electronic products to reach out. However, most smartphones are not designed with a long battery life. AP – 5001 Powerbank can save valuable time on charging the phone and satisfy needs of consumers with its high-capacity portable power bank.

Power Bank AP-5001

Power Bank AP-5001 Features & Specifications


  • Capacity – 5000mAH. Lithium polymer Battery
  • Touch switch feature
  • Battery capacity indicator
  • Slim, thin and sleek design
  • Pocket size
  • UV coating for scratch free finish
  • Input USB Cable included
  • Input: 5V,1000mA
  • Output: 5V, 2000 mA
  • The product size -116mm X 65MM X9mm
  • Weight: 150g


Power Bank AP-5001 comes with a stylish touch design and fits in a pocket. The metal surface of the Power Bank helps dissipate heat while charging or recharging, that apart it also gives it a stylish look. The Power Bank is supported by 4 LED lights which indicate how much power it has.

Power Bank AP-5001 also involves Security Protection Design which provides: over-charging protection, over-current protection, over-discharge protection and short circuit protection.

Power Bank AP – 5001 is built to provide a full charge on your smartphone with 5000mAH power. The power bank battery is about twice or 1.5 times of the battery in any advanced smartphone. 

Power Bank AP-5001 Price, Warranty and Availability

Power bank AP – 5001 portable mobile charger comes at the MRP of Rs. 1999/- and the product is available in dark black color with Asia Powercom with a warranty of 1 year.