Traffic Exchanges: Free Traffic for Blog

Traffic Exchanges: Free Traffic for Blog or Website: One of the most difficult tasks for any blogger or product/service/concept seller on web is to bring free traffic for blog. Particularly during the early life cycle of the blog. Those who are new or are still planning to use web to promote their thoughts or businesses may argue the truthfulness of the assertion just made; but veterans in this field—admit that, bringing traffic to one’s blog/site is indeed the biggest challenge. And you better believe – as no matter how well you write, no matter how revolutionary your product or concept is, if you can’t win the traffic challenge, sooner than later you’ll become an unsuccessful story on the web. And no one wants to be a loser. Traffic Exchanges can help and get you free traffic for blog, until you get comfortable with blogging and know other traffic for blog methods.

Why you better believe?

As in comparison to the real world, the amount of information on the web is humongous…and unless you consciously put your business/thought/concept/product/service in the view of the prospective reader/buyer/user, no one will ever know about it. Bigger organizations/companies know this well, that’s why they put huge resources and money to bring in traffic to their sites.

An effective way to get free traffic for blog, are the traffic exchanges. As the name suggests, traffic exchanges are the sites which give you free traffic for blog in return of traffic.

And before going further, one thing which makes a compelling case for using traffic exchange programs is that both big and small businesses/bloggers use them. The only thing which one has to decide on, is how to effectively use them. Big bloggers/businesses go for paid versions, amateur bloggers and small businesses go for free versions of traffic exchanges.

How Traffic Exchanges work:

1) You open an account at a traffic Exchange (choose from Pro or free Account)

2) Once you reach your Dashboard, you look for “Start Surfing” link. Click on it and you reach at a page, showing some website  which has a counter on Top or bottom Left/Right of the page. Adjacent to the timer, you see a couple of small Pictures or signs. When the Timer shows ‘0’ or ‘Go’, All you have to do is click on the matching picture. As soon as you click on the matching picture, Timer starts again and a new blog/website loads. Yes, You are seeing the blog of another member. You keep doing this and reach from one site to other. In returning of surfing other people’s sites, you are given credits; which you use to get free traffic for your own blog, landing page or site.

3) To use the accumulated credits you have to submit your blog to the traffic exchange and once approved; assign credits to your blog. Now your blog will be surfed by others, as you did.

Plain and Simple.

I registered for many free accounts at different traffic exchanges and used them. From my personal experience, I’m listing for you five best traffic exchanges on web at present. You’ll get to know, the factors on which I based my decision while compiling the list in future write-ups. Right now if interested, you just need to take the first step—registering for a free account.

(PS: You can use the same username and password for different exchanges, and make sure you put correct personal information, that’ll help in case you are made some payments. Yes, you can earn too.)

Traffic Exchanges to begin with(Click on the links to open a free account):

1. EasyHits4U

2. Hit2Hit

3. Traffic-Splash

4. StartXChange

5. TS25

6. Hitsboosterpro


Dos and Don’t while using Traffic Exchanges:

It will appear to some that traffic exchanges are not a good option, as the free traffic for blog is inferior (members surfing fellow members). But what makes traffic exchanegs effective is how you use them. If you have a professional blog or profile (like a Yoga profile, or product page) and if you know what particular country you have to target, traffic exchanges come handy (You can show your blog to a particular country only as well).

Some Donts:

If you use Google Adsense ads on your blog, Please don’t use it on traffic Exchanges. Adsense pays you “per impression” as well, hence this is an infringement of Adsense TOS.

Some Dos:

Have a good Anti-virus installed on your PC, before surfing credits at traffic Exchanges.

PS: This article is aimed at educating Bloggers about the new trends and methods being used by bloggers. Use a method you find compelling.