New Trailer of ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ : Upcoming Tom Cruise movie

A second trailer of  upcoming Tom Cruise movie “Edge of Tomorrow” is released just hours ago. The “Edge of Tomorrow” costarring Emily Blunt hitting theaters this June, is a futuristic science-fiction movie based on the adaptation of a 2009 Japanese novel “All You Need Is Kill “.

The movie is a collaboration between Great Britain and the United States.

In the movie Tom Cruise is Lt. Colonel Bill Cage, wh oahs never fought in his life. But an alien invasion puts him a battle ground like situation. The moment Cage gets killed, he gets entrapped in a time loop, where he has to die again and again. In this Day Break like situation, Cage meets soldier Rita Vrataski (portrayed by Blunt). And things change for Cage and he’s able to get out of the Time loop.