Trapped Mouse Forgot to Eat

The fear for one’s life is universal. It’s not that only humans stop eating when lodged in a jail. Animals, when captured, do stop taking food as well.

A mouse was playing Police-Thief game with for some time. Determined to end his frlicking fun inside the house, we installed a mousetrap with a biat. Around 1:00 Am the very first night, it got lured with the bait, and the trap door got closed behind it.

Till 8:00 AM in the morning, when we finally give it back its freedom, it kept looking for some escape. All this while the bait in its entirety kept dangling from a hook over its head.

PS: The fear of jail among celebrities, Sanjay Dutt or may be Salman Khan, is understandable. Among the celebrities, the politicians are somewhat less fearful of the jail. May be the clout they have among public and Police, helps them.