TRENDnet TN-200 NAS Media Server with 8 Terabytes Capacity

TRENDnet Launches Powerful NAS Media Server with 8 Terabytes Storage Capacity. Supports two 3.5 inches SATA hard drives. DLNA Certified.

TRENDnet has launched TN-200, a 2-Bay NAS Media server that supports two 3.5 inches SATA hard drives (sold separately), for a total storage of up to 8 Terabytes space.

The High Capacity NAS Media Server comes with a Gigabit Ethernet port to maintain high speed connection to the network.

TN-200 serves as an iTunes® server which provides the music adorer to quench their thrust of music listening by sharing a massive iTunes® library across their network.

The new TRENDnet NAS server provides an option of USB 2.0 port for sharing external drives and sticks. TN-200 equipped with intuitive setup wizard makes TN-200 up and running in minutes.


nas media serverTN-200 Features:

  • DNLA Certified: It allows users to stream movies and music to Smart TVs, media players and game consoles.
  • iTunes®  Server:  It provides the ability to share the massive iTunes® library across the network.
  • Backup Center: The TN-200 is equipped with Backup center which ensures users of zero data loss.
  • Download Center: It enables scheduledownloads from a site, Bit Torrent or an FTP site.
  • Advanced Energy Savings: For saving energy, TN-200 could be programmed to hibernate when idle. In addition, Smart FAN technology reduces fan usage with lower temperatures.
  • Remote Access: Files can be uploaded and downloaded remotely over the internet using the built-in FTP Server.


Mr Atul JainCountry Manager at TRENDnet India said, “TRENDnet always believes in giving products that matches with the latest technologyTN-200powerful networking NAS Media server is equipped with myriad features, which makes it unique & unbeatable in the category of media servers. TRENDnet TN-200, 2-Bay NAS media server is powered with scalable performance and reliability processor. It is designed to meet the needs of computing-intensive and enterprise-critical applications.”


TRENDnet TN-200 NAS Server Price, warranty and availability

TN-200 is priced at Rs. 8990/+Taxes. The product carries a limited warranty of 2 years and is available with TRENDnet national distributor Abacus Peripherals Pvt. Ltd.