How True Hindu links with Ananth Kumar ji’s condolence message?

Is it wrong to send or write a condolence message on someone’s death?

The answer will be: NO.

But what if a person is criticized merely because he wrote one?

Then all one can say is that : Those who are criticizing him will criticize him for everything.

This is being particularly observed today, when people and politicians are showing sympathy and sadness for the untimely and unfortunate death of Union Minister Shri Ananth Kumar ji.

A section of people are deeply angry at Rahul Gandhi showing sadness on Ananth Kumar’s death.

They are attacking Rahul Gandhi not only for being a Janeudhari Hindu, but also for being an English speaker and what else not. Why?… For condoling death of Ananth ji?

If yes, then it is difficult to understand why someone will do make such linkages, and use a simple condolence message to criticize someone.

To conclude, Rahul Gandhi may or may not be a true Hindu. He may or may not be using his Hindu identity to win votes. But still, can he be mocked for being a Hindu or for other reasons, when he is condoling a fellow leader’s death?

To conclude, it is time for well thinking individuals (and it includes majority of young men and women) start focusing on issues which affect their day to day lives directly — Such as employment, and money questions. As long as Rahul Gandhi keeps raising jobs, economy and corruption related issues in his election rallies; he being a true Hindu or not, is his personal matter.