Even your trusted Paracetamol can have serious Side-effect!

It’s often advised that people should not buy prescription drugs over the counter. That’s they must take medicines only after consulting a qualified practicing Doctor.

Still many people don’t pay heed to this advice and develop a habit of taking prescription drugs on their own.

This is not a good habit.

As no drug is without its side effects. This applies to medicines in alternate medicine such as Ayurveda, Unani etc.

Take for example Paracetamol. It’s the world’s preferred pain and fever remedy. It’s cheap, easily available and is so common place that many people consider it safe and effective drug.

But Paracetamol has its side effects as well. According to a new study conducted at University of Edinburgh, drug-induced liver damage remains an important clinical problem with Paracetamol.

Thus, only a qualified doctor knows when and how to prescribe a paracetamol, in a manner with least side effects.

If you have a habit of taking medicines or alternate medicine concoctions on your own, then better get rid off the habit. If body is ailing, a doctor is the best person to visit.