Smart 101, Freedom 251 Smart Phones at Rs 251 raises Some Questions

You would have read many articles online suspecting Ringing Bells Company’s Smart 101, Freedom 251 Smart Phone.

I too suspect them. Although my suspicion arises from the Rs 251 price tag, it doesn’t necessarily question whether the Company will be able to provide you a smart phone at such an unrealistic price.

My suspicion is for different reasons. They are,

How is it possible to manufacture a smart phone at a cost less than Rs 251 (Rs 251 is Sales Price)?

How the manufacturing cost is made so low?

If humans are employed in the manufacturing of these smart phones then are they being paid adequately?

If the smart phones are meant for no profit or actual loss, then who is funding the Loss?

Is it the case of the Government subsidizing the smart phone, so that it can be portrayed as the flagship product under Make In India Programme?

How exactly the smartphones boost Make in India? In what way the smartphones directly impact Make In India?

Are these smart phones a result of tie-up with the government?

Asking this, since the handset would be launched in the presence of Honorable Member of Parliament, Dr Mulri Manohar Joshi and Honorable Union Minister of Defence, Shri Manohar Parrikar.

It should be understood that it’s not enough to say that smart phones sold at Rs 251 is real empowerment. It’s not enough to say that India can manufacture at costs lower than China. The questions must be answered regarding rightful wages to workers employed in the manufacturing; and funding.

I personally will not buy these phones, as I suspect either rightful wages are not paid to the workers or public money is spent to fund something which doesn’t have direct benefits. Do I think the smart phones will boost manufacturing in India, a big NO.