There may be merit in Rafale deal corruption charges | 3 Reasons

Yesterday an Indian media news channel reported by quoting a French website that: It was the Modi led NDA Government which made it mandatory (compulsory) for #DassaultAviation to include the controversial Indian Company in the new Rafale fighter deal.

Today another media website has published, what looks like a denial from Dassault Aviation. According to the report, #DassaultAviation has strongly denied that it was pressured by Indian Government to choose the said Indian company as a partner in the fighter jet deal with India. The Dassault Aviation has also strongly denied the French media website Mediapart’s report about documentary evidence that there was some kind of pressure from the Indian side; Dassault was free to choose any partner.

Which media report to believe?

Ideally, one must believe the second one. If some named top Dassault Aviation functionaries are issuing a statement then they must be believed. It is better than believing some media report quoting some other media website.

But does such a denial from Dassault Aviation remove all the doubts?


Because there is some merit in the statements of those who see corruption in the new Rafale deal.

One, Defense deals are big deals — So even 10 percent controversial money in some deals may be in the tune of Rs. 30,000 crore.

Two, Companies want such deal to happen because that one deal can make them profitable for years. So they will say anything which helps them get the order. They know the country buying the equipment will negotiate, pressurize both verbally and on paper.

Three, the easiest way for any Government to remove all doubts is to create a fast track Parliamentary Committee. For some reasons, which are difficult to understand, there is much reluctance on part of Indian Government to constitute a JPC on Rafael deal.

To conclude, there is merit in the arguments of all those people who see something really suspicious in the Rafale deal.