TV Commercials that use wrong pegs — LivPure, Lubi Pumps

Pepsi made a distinctly new proposition, when it made AamSutra propostion for its Slice brand. The proposition was new, as no one normally links Mango to Love Making. People do link strawberries and chocolates to the act, but mango is a little too courageous. But the TV commercial delivered a superlative result, claimed the ad makers.

But still, using a mango peg for the proposition, appears a bit weird.

That said, I recently noticed two new TV commercials which are using wrong pegs. One is LivPure, featuring Sachin Tendulkar and the other is, the Lubi Pumps. 
In the LivePure TVC, some common people are shown saying the line “Main Roz Peeta Hoon” (I drink Daily) OR “Hum Roz Peete Hain” (We Drink Daily). This confession ends with Sachin, saying the same line, but this time with a glass of water in his hand. The TVC is about water Purifier LivPure. And you thought, it was about Milk… Right?
Actually, you are not alone, most of the viewers watching the LivePure TVC for first time, will assume that it’s for some Milk brand ( For obvious reasons, no one will assume it to be for some alcohol). But interestingly, no one either will assume it to be of some water. As ‘Water is so trivial that you don’t make a confession about it’. 
The Other TVC which is using wrong peg is the Lubi Pump TVC. The commercial has a jingle, which says “Aaye Ras ki Phuhaar” (The fountain of Juice has come). All this time, people are shown taking a shower etc. The TVC is about Lubi pumps, which make water accessible for all these tasks. 
I think, there’s no need to say anything here, except — Do you use Juice in Your Shower?