Type 2 Diabetes Doubts Cleared | New Book

Understanding Type 2 Diabetes is not Easy, particularly when too much misinformation is out there. A New Book Helps Clear the Air.

What is Type 2 Diabetes? In simple words, if the most prevalent form of diabetes where blood sugar levels increase abnormally, here Insulin (which regulates blood glucose levels by metabolizing sugars ) is produced by the Body, but the body becomes insulin resistant and fails to use it effectively. Lifestyle change to medical intervention are seen as possible ways to regulate blood sugar levels. It’s possible to live a normal healthy life with diabetes. Although the person has to make significant lifestyle changes in terms of food, exercise and daily routine.

That apart, there are small precautions as well, such as Cutting nails in a straight line (that’s not rounding them on extremes), so that there’s no chance of septic, Take minor cuts, boils seriously etc. In diabetics healing takes time and sometimes minor cuts and boils prolong.

Yes Iam diabeticHaving fewer highs and fewer lows in blood sugar levels means having stable blood sugar levels. If you are not sure about your average sugar level, then there’s test called “Average Sugar Test”. The test lets you know your average sugar in the past three months. The test costs around Rs 1500, but it’s worth the money.

Another test which is worth the money is Organ Function Test. It lets know whether all the vital organs are healthy or not. Prolonged diabetic condition (prolonged here means many years).

What is somewhat discouraging about diabetes is not the disorder itself. The discouraging bit is the multitude of information circulating in the society regarding diabetes. Most of which is not well researched.

Following such suggestions, makes a person take drastic Life style changes to regulate his/her blood sugar levels (drastic steps such as eating only boiled vegetables in every meal). This is plain foolish.

When a loved one got diagnosed as having diabetes, I researched a lot, so that he can live a healthy life. And tell you, we have not cut much on his nutrition. That apart, we have not barred any type of nutrition. We have simply cut on the serving sizes.

That apart exercise in the form of brisk walks in the morning and evening are a must. In addition, other day-to-day activities such as going to buy groceries, paying bills is also not prohibited. Physical activity helps in diabetes.

The fact that diabetes doesn’t demand a drastic cut in nutrition and activity, is often rejected by the society. When the fact is, it ‘s the case. A diabetic needs as much nutrition (all types of nutrition) as a non-diabetic. What is necessary is a disciplined life, timely meals, rest and exercise. But that’s a necessity for any non-diabetic as well. Thus to sum up, diabetes doesn’t signify an unhealthy person, if it’s managed well.

That said, it’s always good not to believe everything your non-doctor friend, neighbor or office colleague suggests you. Do your own research from authentic sources. A good book always qualifies as an authentic source.

A new book, titled Understanding Type II Diabetes : Fewer Highs Fewer Lows Better Health,by Merlin Thomas, can qualify as a reliable resource for those who are suffering from Type 2 diabetes. The book helps you manage all aspects of diabetes and lead a healthy life.

What the Book teaches about Diabetes

  • what diabetes is and how it comes about.
  • Practical changes that can be made to diet
  • Physical activity that can be incorporated into routine to maintain and improve health.
  • Medical aspects of diabetes care
  • Best ways to control waistline, blood glucose, blood pressure and cholesterol levels.
  • Ways of avoiding possible major complications.
  • Effects of diabetes on the heart, vision, feet, kidneys, bladder, mind, mood, sleep, and sex.
  • Best ways to lead a life with optimum health.

About Merlin Thomas

Merlin Thomas is serving at the Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute as a clinician scientist. He works mainly with diabetes patients and their doctors. He performs research in experimental models of diabetic complications, which mainly aim at identifying new targets and advance treatments to avoid, reverse and delay the development of these complications. Professor Thomas’s work has earned him both local and international recognition, including the Victorian Premier’s Award for Medical Research.