Typing Mistake brings to fore the Reservation Divide in India

Writing a blog is difficult. The task becomes even more difficult and less rewarding (Readership-wise), when one takes a perspective, which the writer knows before hand  puts forward a view opposite to what majority of readers want to read.

But, if Blogging is more about commitment towards Truth (which seems missing in media reports), then writing for even One Reader is Rewarding.

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We always know, the educated in this Country is divided into two Groups — Pro Reservation and Anti-Reservation.

For most of us, the disagreement is purely ideological (that’s what we want to believe in) — That’s people do DISAGREE with Reservation in Jobs, Education, but don’t harbour any enmity for the other group.

Brace yourself, this is a WRONG Belief. And the enmity is there. That too, deeply entrenched.

Recently I had the opportunity to have a glimpse of this Deep entrenched enmity.

Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission (MPSC) recently started a recruitment process. A Jobs blog wrote about it. Making a mistake, the writer at the Job site, stated the Cost of Application Form for SC/ST category categories as Rs 1250. Under the Fee caption, readers read “Application Forms Fee for Gen and OBC category candidates Rs 500. For SC/ST category candidates Rs 1250/-“. 

Reading this, many Blog readers (assumed to be belonging to Gen Category) posted comments like “Ad SC aaye paani ke neeche”, “SC category walon ki ab wat lagegi”, “Ab SC category ko sabak mila” etc. Some comments even congratulated the Shivraj Singh led BJP Government in MadhyaPradesh, for teaching SC/ST categories a lesson.

Later it was pointed out by some reader that, the Application Form price for SC/STs was Rs 125.

Interestingly, even after the correction is made to the post, not a single SC/ST reader or SC/ST sympathizer  posted ‘a revenge comment’. And that was expected. Reservation Backlash on internet forums, blogs, twitter, can be severe and most of the times inhuman.

So what is always preached and believed has not even an iota of truth. Reservation divide is India does exist — and the divide is much much more than ideological. The enmity entailing from the Reservation, goes beyond jobs. And touches all areas, it’s basically the fight for Scarce resources — Jobs, education, Grants etc.

Another observation Here is: The Indian states where BJP is in Power reflect such Anti-reservation bent, more than the non-BJP rules states.This mindset typically, sees any minority or marginalized groups as second class citizens.

[PS: Can we say that the economic Position of SC/STs in India is not Bad?  Apathetically speaking, I think we can’t say so. A large section of this population does need economic support. A real example. Last Year, about 50 Self Financed Seats seats for SC/ST candidates were advertised in Uttarakhand. Only one candidate appeared for Counseling. The remaining 49 seats were then opened for Gen/OBC categories; and they got filled.]