Ultra-portable SSDs with USB 3.0 : OTG Mini , Pocket Vault SSD

OTG mSSD and Pocket Vault SSD : Ultra-portable SSDs. USB 3.0 5Gbps performance Drives . Plug n Play. Storage with at Low CPU Utilization. Extended Battery Life.

ONLYSSD.com, the exclusive complete high-end SSD Portal, recently launched OTG Mini SSD and Pocket Vault SSD from MyDigitalSSD. Both ultra-portable SSDs are targeted as an external storage drive for high-end users, creative professionals who demand best performance, secured and value for money products; and an ability to carry along large amounts of data securely.


OTG mSSD drive ultra-portableAward-winning OTG Mini is the first ultra-portable SSD that offers up to the USB3.0 5Gbps performance with SSD speed up to 465MB/s.With USB 3.0 these pocket-sized ultra-portable SSDs offer 5Gbps performance , thus reducing the wait times and maximizes bandwidth utilization, enabling faster and more efficient transfers while helping lower CPU utilization for extended battery life for on-the-go users. With 4 times the speed of a traditional hard drives, users can run operating systems, play games, stream media, and utilize programs directly from OTG SSD.

The OTG mSSD is fully compatible with all USB devices. Since USB 3.0, the latest technology in USB, is aimed at faster data transfers (an Indian living in USA invented USB technology) , that’s why users can see blazing speeds up to 210MB/s and USB2.0 users up to 38MB/s.

Detachable Type B USB 3.0 cable keeps this 1 ounce (28 grams) device smaller than a business card for maximum mobility, roughly 1/4th the size of most external 2.5″ hard drives or SSDs that weigh 8 ounces or more. The ultra-portable plug and play device makes transferring files hassle free by being compatible with both USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 ports on PC, Mac, and Linux operating systems. Added features like ruggedness by incorporating tougher outer case to withstand day-to-day bumps, shakes, drops that happens on-the-go and minimum power usage, makes this SSD to stand out in its class.

Pocket Vault SSD

Pocket Vault SSDExtremely compact Pocket Vault SSD is aimed at users who are constantly on the move. This ultra-portable storage drive allows users to securely transport files, of all types and sizes, at speeds which the company claims outperforms other devices of it’s kind. Combined with TrueCrypt free software, users can easily password protect files and essentially lock their drive down for safety. Designed for an active lifestyle and safe data transportation, the Pocket Vault eliminates the burden of carefully handling traditional portable hard drives (HDDs) by posing SSD durability and shock resistance technology. Unlike traditional mobile hard drives, the Pocket Vault has no moving parts and utilizes solid state technology designed to deal with the extreme conditions of on-the-go mobile computing without data loss.

You can see these ultra-portable SSDs or Solid State Drives as an external storage drive that you can carry along with you and plug & play (simply plug and the System detects it automatically) to any system where you can see the data or transfer it.

NOTE : Both the SSDs are NOT crush proof or waterproof. Hence these ultra-portable storage drives must be carried with some reasonable care.


On the launch, Gulbir BhatiaManaging Director at OnlySSD.com said,

When time is money and you need the latest technology in portable storage, MyDigital’s new high performance external SSDs are the ideal solution for any high-end users who demand the ultimate in performance and portability or businesses, especially small businesses, who struggle a lot with disaster recovery and regulatory compliance. With high quality design, MyDigital SSDs are among the world’s slimmest, high performing and rugged SSDs available in the market.


OTG Mini SSD or OTG mSSD Price, Warranty and Availability

  • My DigitalSSD OTG 128GB mini SSD – MRP of Rs. 7450/-
  • My DigitalSSD OTG 256GB mini SSD – MRP of Rs. 14125/-
Carrying 3 years warranty 

Pocket Vault SSD Price, Warranty and Availability

  • Pocket Vault 128GB SSD – MRP of Rs. 6650/-
  • Pocket Vault 256GB SSD – MRP of Rs.11550/-
  • Pocket Vault 512GB SSD – MRP of Rs. 22260/-
Carrying 1 year warranty
Both the SSDs are available ex-stock with ONLYSSD.com.