Uma Bharti educates : Puja samagri doesn’t pollute rivers

After Fining those who spit in River Ganga, Minister Uma Bharti educates us on which faith related waste can be thrown in rivers.

The Modi Government has decided to shut down electric crematoriums from the river banks. In their place, the Government plans to build crematoriums which consume less wood. According to Union Water resources, river development and Ganga Conservation minister, Uma Bharti, the Government is getting ready a model of such a crematorium.

Ask, what compelled the Government to shut down these electric crematoriums? The faith of the people. The Electric crematoriums don’t allow people to cremate their deceased in a proper manner, owing to which they don’t get peace.

Vote For faithIt would have been better, if Ms. Bharti may have said that the scarcity of money is compelling the Government to shut down the environment friendly (less pollution, preservation of woods) electrical crematorium. Giving faith as the reason is not very convincing. As even today, no one is compelling people to cremate their dead in the electric crematoriums.

If this is how the new Government plans to clean our rivers, then only the God knows the outcome.

But that’s not a surprise, as the ever since it came to power, the new Government is talking everything except the savage, domestic waste and industrial effluents  discharged into the rivers. And unless these are taken care of, the rivers can’t be cleaned or revived.

But as some cunning parallel plot to the river cleaning task, the Government is talking about everything but the real causes. A frustrating situation to be in, especially when you think about these things.

Stopping industrial effluents and domestic waste & sewage discharge into rivers means setting up biological treatment plants and industrial effluents treatment plants. And that requires money and a definite political will, as many a times it also means pressing polluting industries to take care of their industrial effluents. Since no such political will or funding is pointed to by the new Government hence we can assume that cleaning rivers is simply a vote grabbing tactic. That’s why they are using faith to distract attention from the real causes and their solutions. But this ploy will not work mush, as India is a young country, where intelligent young people reside.

In the same event, where Uma Bharti ji announced the moratorium on electric crematoriums, she also educated the masses , on what doesn’t cause pollution in rivers. According to her, there’s not much harm in throwing Puja samagri in the river. This piece of wisdom can make any Indian citizen drown under his own weight. Look Uma ji cleared your doubts now!

This is unnecessary talk. Of the same league as another gem from Ms Bharti, who once said people will be fined for spitting in river Ganga.  Don’t know whether she is joking now, or was joking then.

Has anyone ever said, that the main cause of pollution in our rivers and water bodies is the discharge of Puja samagri in them? The habit of bringing faith to every problem is already overwhelming the Nation. BTW, if she really wants to bring faith into the river cleanliness driver, then she must have banned people from immersing synthetically coloured and painted Ganesha idols and Durga idols in recently concluded Ganesh Chaturthi and Durga Puja. She will not do that as funnily that is a matter of faith.