Understanding Weight-Loss Plateau can save you from Frustration

What is a Weight Loss Plateau?

Plateau, is a mathematical curve, which is neither going towards height nor moving towards depth. In short, it’s flat.

Weight loss plateau is a point, a person losing weight experiences, where-in,  the efforts he/she is getting results from until now, stop giving results anymore. In simple – the person reaches a point when the numbers on the scale stop dropping despite best efforts.

Weight loss plateau is not new to those losing weight, they have hit it some time in their weight loss journey. But to be frank, it’s frustrating hitting one.

But rather than getting discouraged by the fact that making good food choices and exercising several times a week, is not making your weight budge; it’s better to understand the science behind Weight loss plateau.

When someone hits a weight loss plateau, Eating less might seem like the logical answer, but it’s probably not. After all the body needs a healthy food intake: Both quality and quantity wise. Logical way to deal with the stagnation is to evaluate one’s “inactivity physiology”.

The theory behind inactivity physiology is that our bodies’ cells constantly sense their metabolic environment, and that being sedentary two-thirds of the time can damage our health.

According to a 2007 article in the journal Circulation: “Observational studies have suggested that prolonged bouts of sitting time and lack of whole body muscular movement are strongly associated with obesity, abnormal glucose metabolism and cardiovascular disease independent of moderate to vigorous intensity physical activity.”
In other words, too much sitting should not be just seen as a time period of too little exercise. In contrast, being sedentary should be thought of as muscular inactivity, and not just lack of exercise.

To take care of this physical inactivity, it becomes necessary to re-evaluate one’s daily routine.

If it includes 30 minutes of exercise and eight hours of sleep, then look closely at the 15 and a half hours that are still left. These 15 hours are spent most of the time at a desk, in the car, at a computer and in front of the TV or just sitting.

Now these 15 hours is the time which can help you surpass your weight-loss plateau. Just try to incorporate more activity here. Here are the tips if you work in an office. Another area which can help in overcoming this weight loss plateau is the exercise time and intensity. Slight changes to time and intensity of the exercise or incorporating/replacing with new exercises can help too.

It’s essential to look at weight loss plateau as a positive thing. Reaching a plateau means that you have come a long way in your weight loss journey. The idea is to trick the brain, to change its metabolism, once you hit a plateau. Incorporating more activity or intensity to your routine will trick it to set it to a higher level.

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