Uneasy Audience, Feasibility questions | PM Modi’s Singapore Address

PM Narendra Modi spoke for more than one hour in Singapore yesterday. He was publicly addressing the Indian diaspora, which forms 9 percent of Singapore’s total population. But, majority of the audience looked uneasy, stooped down and indifferent. Although, there were some sections among the crowd, which were cheering every word the PM spoke; the majority of the audience seemed indifferent.

PM Modi is an attentive watcher of his audience. Seeing the audience less receptive, he tried to make his address more effective; he added bits and pieces to his delivery; and that made things even more difficult for him and the audience.

PM Modi is a good orator; but is he effective? …is the question.

India can’t portray itself as a country who can see others in eye. That too in a country where Indians constitute 9 percent of the population. You can’t give examples of Yemen that casually as well. The World is a connected place now.

The other points which the PM spoke about related to feasibility. India may have plenty of sunshine and a perceived potential for solar energy. But is it cost-effective, easily install-able and serviceable?… How much money India can invest on such initiatives, is another question.

In a connected World, which is full of ideas, accessible to anyone who sees himself or herself as aware; people are looking for workable solutions. It’s not enough to float ideas. As the audience, especially the Youth, is weighing the solutions on feasibility.

Secondly, merely saying that we can see the World in the eye, is not enough. As the World is weighing us on our claims as well.

The PM could have Wrapped up his four-day tour to southeast Asia, on a better note.