‘Unmissable’ Words on TV Channels and outside

The day Times Now started calling its Prime Time slot, the ‘Super prime Time’, it became increasingly difficult for any thinking individual to trust Times Now on the choice of words. The World over, Prime Time is the time slot on TV channels between 8-10 PM. Hence, Super Prime Time doesn’t really make sense. May be that’s Times Now’s way of thrusting upon viewers the high TRP of Arnab Goswami’s Super Debate.

That said, from the last couple of days, Times Now is using ‘Unmissable’ for the teasers of Arnab Goswami’s debates. Going by the Channel’s adventurism for Big words, I decided to look for it.

To begin with, the word does exist.

According to Oxford English Dictionary, Unmissable is an adjective which means,

so good that it should not be missed


the special effects make this an unmissable treat

Once I used Technicality in my speech and writings. But somewhere in my brain, I thought the word doesn’t exist. I checked for the word ‘Technicality’ and I’m glad that it does exist in OED.

According to OED, the word Technicality is a noun which means,

A point of law or a small detail of a set of rules, as contrasted with the intent or purpose of the rules


their convictions were overturned on a technicality

To conclude, there are two words — Felicitation and Facilitation. Felicitation means awarding someone. Facilitation means making something easier for someone. Since the two words sound similar, they are often used one for the other.