Uttarakhand CM’s spokesperson links BJP with Noida scam Company, WITHOUT Much Proof!

If you follow News regularly then roughly a fortnight ago, a Noida based online company fled away duping its investors of Rs. 3300-3700 crores. It is being alleged that the company was involved in a ponzi scam, where anyone, mostly young men and women, interested in working for the Company were made to pay upfront an amount ranging from Rs. 5000-60,000. The promise of employment and easy money lured many young people to the scam. Unfortunate. Here are some tips every young man and woman must follow to remain safe from such scams.

Today, Uttarakhand Chief Minister Harish Rawat’s chief spokesman Surendra Kumar in a Press Conference, alleged that the BJP had a deal with the said company.

To prove his point, Mr. Kumar released a picture of the company’s director purportedly showing some papers to Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh in the latter’s drawing room. Mr. Kumar further claimed that the company was spending Rs 2,000 crore in Uttarakhand election, under an arrangement with the BJP, something which will set a wrong precedent.

Frankly speaking, a picture of the Company’s Director discussing something with Mr. Rajnath Singh doesn’t prove anything.

The director may be a friend of Mr. Singh. He may also have some work related relationship with either Mr. Rajnath Singh or with his party. But still it doesn’t prove anything.

People who are influential and create big Companies do have proximity with political parties, politicians and influential people. Hence proximity itself will not make any tangible reason for alleging the Company’s work relationship with BJP, or its Director’s proximity with BJP.

It’s not insufficient proof. It’s No proof.

Lets not talk about whether it sets a wrong precedent or not.

Is it possible for a web Company to have a Rs. 2000 crore deal an election?

Although it cannot be said for sure whether such amounts would be paid to a web company for a State election, one thing is certain: There do exist companies which look after the online campaigns for political parties. The campaigns include everything right from getting Likes, subscriptions, etc. on online social networks, to running WhatsApp Groups, to creating paid and Fake news.

Whether Indian political parties do so cannot be said. If some accept they do then the extent of such deals cannot be known either.

But some things can be said for sure. And these can be the rules of thumb, to know which party have deals with such Companies and what amounts of money is exchanged in such deals.

Rule of Thumb No. 1 : Simply, look at the number of messages in the form of jokes, articles and messages being shared in your Facebook or WhatsApp Groups. If the number of such content is huge, then someone actually has a job to create it. If you’re not creating it, majority of people in your group are not creating it either. Who’s creating it, then.

Rule of Thumb No. 2 : Simply, look at the quality of these jokes, articles and messages. Are they of good quality (creation-wise)? … If yes, then some dedicated professionals are creating it.

Rule of Thumb No. 3 : Simply look for political messages amidst jokes being sent to you. Do they seem to reflect ideology of a certain political party or has pro-that-party tilt? … If yes, then they are part of the marketing campaign of that political party.

To conclude, another food for thought for you. Remember, People who are influential and create big Companies do have proximity with political parties, politicians and influential people. Many of these companies run Ponzi scams as well!