Valentine’s Day : A Day when Singles Reflect on Why!

Valentine’s Day brings different feelings in different people. I’m not talking about the perception about the Day itself (hatred or support or apathy for the Day). I’m talking about the feelings deep inside the hearts of those who are not oblivious about the Day and what it means. Yes, I’m talking about the Cloud Nine feeling of being in love (or a funny feeling, as some others say) and the sinking feeling of loneliness or singleness. God bless those who are in love or more aptly smitten by the love bug. May God give courage to those who are single on the Valentine’s Day, and are not particularly happy about this status. But just like everything else, they will cope up this sadness in a day or two; but right now, there’s nothing wrong if they are mourning, or reflecting on their singleness. Humans are emotional beings, it’s alright to sometimes reflect on one’s state of affairs. Especially when they are nowhere to be seen for bearshare of the population. Love comes to the lucky few, so singledom is a big kingdom in itself.

Sensing the number advantage on the Singleness side,The Tonight Show Host, Jimmy Fallon (A talk show in USA) started #WhyImSingle hastag on Twitter. It started trending soon. People gave all sort of reasons for their singleness. The reasons ranged from serious to hilarious, from honest to plain excuses. The kind of excuses many guys in college offer, whenever asked why they are unable to find a girlfriend : Actually I Don’t have time for such things, she tried her best to entice me, but I ignored all such tactics.

(Not to mention, many years post College days, a section of such guys having the focus of an arrow, can’t find a Girl who can lure them, even when their families, friends and parents come in the picture to help them.)

Not digressing too much, the above hashtag made one thing clear, the World does crave for love & companionship. ( Alright, a section of population may not necessarily crave for companionship, but they too surely are not celebrating loveless singleness. I’ve not seen even a single person who has become so saturated of love, that they simply can’t tolerate more)

Being Single is more like some kind of awareness, which keeps popping up, at certain times and days of a year. Valentine’s Day is one among them. That’s why, we can understand, why 15 percent of American women send flowers to themselves.

Today, when even Guys working in Offices experience blues similar to women; the act of putting a veil on the loneliness with self purchased roses can be understood. Who says, love is not about some exhibitions! The exhibition of love existed in every era. Only thing is, now we have more ways to make it more real. So don’t be surprised if you see friends list of a Girl filled up to the brim, when the only pic she is using is her Facebook profile Picture,and that too of some Bollywood actress. Love is all about uncertainty and hope you see (who knows the woman is as beautiful as the profile pic).

Talking about the pressures of not being loved in a romantic way, a survey by dating site claims that 6 out of 10 singles felt lonely on Valentine’s Day. An additional 7 percent feel that days such Valentine’s Day saying it makes them do something about their single status. If the love is in the air (as it’s often claimed), why they are breathing the same old air. A feeling which often comes to our minds (who are single) whenever we see so many couples around — on two-wheelers, multiplexes, metros and roads.  A relationship is a must, when there is no dearth of them in the World.

But such desperation will not take anyone anywhere. After all everything takes time to bloom, you can’t get a companion, for special days such as Valentine’s Day, or to a trip to Delhi’s Connaught Place (alright, Rajiv Chowk) etc. But still, the same survey says, 15 percent of Americans experience a feeling of inspiration to hunt for the special someone. So that the next year doesn’t have the sinking loneliness.

Days such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day etc. are a big days for business as well. IN US alone, this is $14.7 billion industry. Valentine’s Day in India may not be that big for the market, but it will surely be growing fast. Indians, who have someone to gift today, will surely be buying gift at some shop. Those who have not reached a stage where one starts seeing that special someone more than the real money in their pockets, may be sending free of cost cookie laden eCards. That’s why a report says, one of out of every three american couples, who were spending around 300 USD on Gifts, to shower on each other, have vowed to celebrate no-gift Valentine’s Day this year. The World seems to be coming to a full circle — from no-gifts World to a Gifts-free World. Or is it the other reason: Why spend money on real stuff, when everything is getting virtual. Or is it the other thing: Such exhibition of Love is not Good.

Even after 1000 words of these random ramblings, one thing keeps coming to the mind: Singleness is not a desirable thing. After all what is the use of every other treasure, if one doesn’t have someone to shower on to.

Lets conclude on an optimistic note. A recent study claims that when it comes to finding love online, There’s much in the name. The names beginning with first half of the alphabets are more attractive to those who are searching love. Just make sure that you don’t use negative words in your online names. The words such as little or bug. That apart, engage in playful pursuits online. For instance if want to play some game online, choose one which portrays enthusiasm and playfulness. In short, the profile must show a person, who is a fun to hang out with. Regarding the intro for one’s online profile, the study suggests a simple rule: Use three lines in simple language. Two dedicated to self and one defining the Special someone you’re looking for.

Happy Valentine’s Day! … more desultory Talk some other Day.