Victoria Beckham uses fists to lose excess weight quickly

Former spice girl, Victoria Bekham is on an extreme diet these days.

Victoria, who recently gave bith to a baby girl, had reportedly gained 10 kg during her pregnancy.

With the New York Fashion Week just a couple of weeks away (8 September), Victoria is on a mission to lose those 10 kilograms as quickly as possible. Victoria who wants to look nothing less than a fashion model at NYFW, is reportedly following a special “Five Handfuls” diet, which means eating only one “handful” of food at each meal, five times a day.

Victoria has eliminated all sugar from her diet and eats only tiny portions of salmon, prawns with chilli, sushi with tuna or scrambled eggs without oil. Victoria is on this diet since five days after the birth of Harper.

Mrs Beckham started a diet which includes five high-protein snacks a day garnished with vegetables and two liters of water per day; the only deviations are raw nuts and goji fruit, said some reports.
Along with the strict diet, Victoria is doing gentle post-natal exercises (she underwent a C-section. Hence she was advised not to do heavy exercise). In addition, she is also doing 10 minutes of Pilates a day.

Don’t try Mrs. Beckham’s special diet. You don’t have to attend some fashion Week any soon. And remember, losing weight is about health and not how quickly one sheds those pounds.