Vijay Jolly defaces Shoma Chaudhury’s nameplate, makes clear BJP’s ethics

Many among us will want to see yesterday’s acts of BJP’s Vijay Jolly as the genuine anger of a deeply hurt Indian citizen.

A few of us will want to see Vijay Jolly defacing the nameplate and facade of Shoma Chaudhury’s house as the acts of a bitter BJP leader who is denied a ticket for the upcoming Delhi Assembly polls.

Any such opinion will not be criticized here, as everyone has a right to hold their opinion. But let I state clearly what I think about the incident is entirely opposite. I strongly believe that Vijay Jolly defacing Shoma Chaudhury’s House nameplate and blackening the main entrance actually makes clear to the world the BJP’s ethics. The BJP’s core values.

bjp vijay jollyActing in a pack

Ask yourself what is the crime of Shoma Chaudhary — that she wrote an email to her staff that the issue was internally solved?

If Shoma Chaudhary’s crime is that big, then what about many BJP leaders earlier defending Asaram from the day one. That apart, why is Shoma Chaudhary being targeted for believing Tejpal? The warden of Asaram’s hostel, a woman named Shilpi, supported the Godman to the hilt. In addition, every woman disciple of Asaram, supported the accused Godman. No one at that time raised the question of  “a woman ditching another”!

What Shoma Chaudhary is experiencing today is a typical pack mentality, where the pack of motivated individuals are always eager to look for a weak individual to pounce on. Tarun Tejpal, the accused in this case, is a well connected individual; hence the pack thinks, why not target a woman, who typically doesn’t fit the Indian stereotype of an ideal woman — A woman who takes care of kids at home and has not ambitions outside the four walls of the house.

shoma chaudhuryIn general, a Low Opinion for women

What Vijay Jolley did yesterday, actually signifies how he and his party see a woman. He may say that he was doing everything for the respect of the victim of the sexual harassment; but were his acts in conformance with those ideals? In a bid to bring respect for a woman, he was intimidating, harassing and bringing indignity to another woman – Shoma Chaudhary.

Ask yourself, if a woman in our own family sympathizes with Shoma Chaudhary, will we treat them the way Vijay Jolley treated Shoma?

I will not mince any words, parties like BJP who take reliance on religion to create their ideologies and promote themselves, are normally not very good to women. This is because, religion is often not very good to women. The religion world over is paternalistic, which harps restrictions on women and prescribes a certain way of living for women. Any woman who doesn’t conform to those restrictions by way of role, apparel or anything else is often intimidated, ridiculed and harassed.

To Conclude

Respecting every shade of opinion we hold,  Vijay Jolley defacing Shoma Chaudhury’s nameplate, has made clearer BJP’s ethics and core values as a party. The party is quite misogynist in its purest form. That’s, the more a BJP leader adheres to BJP ideology, he/she is bound to be less understanding to a woman. Vijay Jolly and Arun Jaitley hold the two poles of this ideological standing. That’s why Arun Jaitley actually stopped Jolley from protesting outside Shoma Chaudhary’s house. And like it or not, in a party with Modis, Shahs and Jolleys, Arun Jaitley’s is the saving face for BJP.

To conclude, BJP can’t distance itself from Vijay Jolley’s acts. For two reasons,

1) BJP spokespersons initially came out in ideological support of Jolley’s Acts; and

2) BJP spokespersons kept saying on TV channels that party will hold a meet to contemplate on the issue. If Jolley did something in his individual capacity, then why BJP as a party is taking cognizance of the situation.

Indian voters, especially women, must think clearly what kind of rule is in their good. Money corruption is bad, but what about this mental corruption and intolerance. Beware of any pack who is always eager to give instant justice to women.