Was Vishal Dadlani’s Moron or Murderer Tweet Sober?

Outlook’s Vinod Mehta is often half drunk at Arnab Goswami’s debates. That’s why when he starts speaking his mind, with swings typical of a drunkard, Arnab Goswami has to face a difficult time containing him. Speaking one’s mind on political issues is alright; but when the veteran journalist starts telling everyone, how much Arnab pays him to be part of the debate, then things surely become tricky. For Arnab. BTW, Mehta Sahab by his own admission takes Rs 5000 for gracing 30 minutes of Arnab’s Super Prime Time.

For some days now, Mehta Sahab, a regular to Arnab’s super debates, is absent. May be the money disclosure in a hazy state of mind costed him his fun Rs 5k.

Talking of speaking one’s mind, Comedian and TV anchor, Cyrus Broacha once on some TV panel debate, started educating the viewers on the difference between the meanings of the words Ronaldo and Ronaldinho. Since, the education was out of context to the topic of the debate, even the panelists started scratching their heads. Sensing some of this rattling, Broucha instantly acknowledged that he has taken some shots. BTW, Broacha was correct on the meanings of the words Ronaldo and Ronaldinho. Ronaldinho means ‘Little Ronaldo’.

Whether a person speaks a truth after two shots, can be debatable. But one thing can be said for sure, the speech often includes something not meant to be said (Jaban Phisalna).

One part of the Bollywood music director duo of Vishal-Shekhar, Vishal Dadlani yesterday tweeted something which became a news today.

Soon after an interview of Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi was aired by Times Now TV channel, Dadlani tweeted,

“Stuck between a moron and a murderer….what now, India!?” el.

Here el. means God, I think.

As expected, the tweet didn’t go well with the Twitter-verse, and Vishal Dadlani had to confront vicious trolling on social media. Based on what one had to support and defend, the Indians on Twitter seemed rolling out their perceptions as to what of the two is worst: Being a Moron or Being a murderer.

The Indians on Twitter were quick to sense which word is for who and soon became part of a furious political debate online.

But back in their minds, many of these furious Twitter users, were ready to give benefit of doubt to Vishal Dadlani. May be the Tweet was one sent out under influence. But another Tweet from Vishal Dadlani, removed any such ambiguity, when Vishal Dadlani tweeted,

“Here’s the bad news, trolls. You can threaten me all you like, and scream and shout yourselves hoarse. I will still say what I feel. Simple.”

And then came the final proof of the soberness of the Tweet. Arvind Kejriwal, AAP Leader and now the CM of Delhi, retweeted Vishal Dadlani’s Moron Or Murderer Tweet. A deluge of tweets followed, many attacking Mr Dadlani as “misinformed”, publicity-seeking and worse. Surely he was speaking his mind. Then whose mind Vishal was speaking? Arvind Kejriwal’s. That’s what Twitter verse believed.

If there still remained some ambiguity, then Vishal Dadlani’s this tweet cleared it, 

“Also note, I didn’t mention an option 3. You chose it on your own, for good or bad. Sign of the times? Big parties are clearly rattled!”

When Vishal Dadlani can’t take the cover of “under the influence”, then he can’t take the cover of being an Aam Aadmi. Many knew he is Sympathetic to Aam Aadmi. Meanwhile, you decide what is better? A moron or a Murderer, or an Anarchist.