Vouching for Army Welfare Fund!… What about the Common Man?

A message is circulating on WhatsApp and other social networks. It informs the readers about a new Scheme of the Modi Government, exclusively for Indian Army battle casualties and weapon purchase. The scheme is aimed at generating an annual fund of Rs. 36000 crores.

As per the scheme, the Government exhorts the citizens to make donations to Army Welfare funds. The donations can be of any size. The minimum donation one can make in a day is Re 1. The message being circulated arrives at Rs 36,000 crores assuming that 100 crore Indians will donate Re 1 per day for a full year.

Is the scheme real?

Don’t know. As the current Government in power, once launched “Re 1 for One Brick” for Ram Mandir Construction at Ayodhya, about 25 years ago. Although at that time, it was not in power.

Will BJP in power now start such a scheme? You decide.

We will discuss something else.

The best jobs in India, economic security-wise, are defense jobs. The Nation takes care of every aspect of Defense personnel and his family. Be it rations, residence, medical security, Education etc. The pension a defense personnel gets comes from Government Coffers. That’s unlike other jobs, the defense personnel does not have to pay a single rupee for his pension.

I’m not disputing the economic security given to him and his family. It’s Nation’s way of thanking them.

What I’m saying is : Compared to the poverty and wages in India, we give decent life to our soldiers. We give a decent life to their families, when they are no more present, as well.

That’s why I don’t buy overtly sentimental arguments put in the guise of Nationalism, that to experience the pain of a Soldier, every Indian must serve in the Army for at least 1 year. Why? As given a chance, Lakhs of Young men and women from even unheard of towns and villages will stumble upon each other to join the Army. But can the Nation recruit all of those to the Defense forces? The Answer to this is NO. The reality is: when thousands of young men toil all day long in Army recruitment rallies, a mere couple of hundred manage to get the job.

Thus, too much focus on Defense forces is not good.

A young man working 12 hours a day in a field or in an office or in a factory is serving the Nation as well. Why not better his lot too. Most of the times, these young men and women are not getting even dignified wages. Forget about economic security.


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