I Want Barbie Fashionistas, one wearing a Pink Dress!

10 Year Old’s target is Barbie Fashionistas, With Specific instructions: One in Pink Dress.


I Want Barbie Fashionista, one wearing a Pink Dress!Barbie dolls have started affecting 5-10 year olds in India. The little girls are in no way less crazy about the anorexic doll, than their same agers in US.

I’ve a 10 year old niece, who has been buying Barbies (or get buy the Barbies) since she was 4 or even younger. And even after having dozens of barbies; she always wants a new one. Earlier this year, she wanted a Barbie who is a hair-dresser, with a Saloon fully equipped to wash, shampoo and colour all or a few tresses. Walk a few months more, and she bought another, Katrina Barbie with a Filmfare like trophy in one hand. Now her target is Barbie Fashionistas, With Specific instructions: One in Pink Dress.

Earlier she used to let us search. Now she searches the barbies online. Compelling her mom to take the drastic step: No Internet for you. You read Books.

Buying dolls is not bad. After All every girl plays with dolls. But Barbie, that thin (actually anorexic) is indoctrinating tiny girls with a wrong body image. To the extent that even a 8 year old now asks, am I looking fat? It’s somewhat logical for a teenager to want have non-touching thighs, making an inverted ‘U’ when  seen from knee-upwards-to-other knee (zero size); but for girls this small is worrying. Especially when Anorexia is making an imprint at kids that small.

That apart, compared to the Indian dolls of the earlier decades, the foreign barbie dolls are very little doll like. Don’t know who thought a doll for a little girl should be like a miniature anorexic human model.